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Our lakefront boasts an extensive inventory of some of the top one-design racing and learn-to-sail boats in the world. We take pride in our fleet and strive to maintain them to world-class standards so that our students get the best experience we can offer!


The Optimist is the dinghy young people sail around the world! This small boat is designed for one or two sailors between 50-110 pounds and is sailed by over 150,000 young people in 110 countries. It is the only dinghy approved by the International Sailing Federation exclusively for sailors under 16 years of age. 


SYSC’s fleet of 10 Prams are the training version of the Optimist dinghy. Designed with the young, small, beginner sailor in mind, these boats are stable and comfortable with plenty of durability. This tried and true fleet is a mainstay of our program!


Club and Collegiate 420s are sailed in hundreds of sailing organizations throughout North America. This small two person boat is simple enough for beginners and challenging enough for championship racing, particularly at the high school and collegiate levels. It is affordable, rugged, competitive and fun to sail and race!

Laser and Laser Radial

The Laser is a one person Olympic-class sailboat raced competitively across the globe. With over 200,000 boats in circulation, the Laser is one of the most popular dinghies in the world, largely due to its simple rigging and high quality performance. This boat is great for intermediate to advanced sailors to race or cruise around in, with the Laser Radial providing a smaller sail geared toward youth and women sailors.


The Lightning is a 19 foot centerboard sloop originally designed as an affordable family day-sailor and racing boat. There’s room in the cockpit for two couples or a family to day sail while also being light enough to trailer with ease. The boat has now evolved into one of the most popular and competitive one-design racing classes in the world, with Fleet 187 of Sheboygan providing championship-level competition for those interested in racing.

O’Pen Bic

The hull of the O’Pen Bic was designed with fun sailing as the priority. It is a modern boat where the hull is as open as possible, leaving the sailor completely free to move around and trim the boat to any wind and water conditions. Designed for the youth sailor under 16 and less than 110 pounds.


New to our fleet in 2017 are stand-up paddleboards! Our new BIC SUP Boards are perfect for a beginner to intermediate paddler who is looking to experience Lake Michigan by cruising in flat water or challenging themselves in a light surf.


SYSC has a wide variety of windsurfing boards and sails to match many different sizes and skill levels. We have Easy Rider boards for the beginning windsurfer and high-performance boards with harnesses for more advanced and adventurous windsurfers.


SYSC owns two J/24s in fantastic condition. The J/24 is the world’s most popular keelboat, with over 5,300 boats produced. This is largely due to its design which favors a wide variety of sailing – from cruising and day sailing to handicap and one-design racing. They are easily sailed short-handed with just the main and will comfortably carry 5+ people on a casual day sail. We use our J24s for Corporate Events and Private Lessons.


The Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan (SEAS) owns a fleet of Sonars which we use to teach adult sailing classes at SYSC. These 23-foot keelboats have a spacious cockpit and the boat can be sailed by a crew of 2 to 6 people with ease. Designed by Bruce Kirby, who designed the Laser, the boat is stable, easy to sail and very durable. SEAS also uses the fleet for adaptive sailing and world championship events. We use these Sonars for larger Corporate Events as well.