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All of our classes are taught or supervised by U.S. Sailing Certified Instructors.

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Whitney Kent - Lead Instructor

Hi, my name is Whitney and this will be my third summer teaching sailing in Sheboygan! I grew up sailing in Milwaukee Bay on boats of all shapes and sizes with friends and family. After that, I went on to sail at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I was co-Captain for two years (Go Go Wisco!) before coming to SYSC. In the offseason, I work for the Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan (SEAS), so I live and breathe sailing in Sheboygan. I’m looking forward to our best summer yet on the lakefront. 

Logan Pond

My name is Logan and this is my first summer instructing at SYSC. I have been sailing for three years and really love it. I have sailed on the race team and the high school team. Outside of sailing I enjoy playing the clarinet and piano and I enjoy swimming.

Caiti Dust

Hi! My name is Caiti and this will be 8th year teaching at SYSC. I went to Michigan State University (Go Spartans!) and am currently a teacher in the Sheboygan Area School District. I grew up on the water in southeastern Michigan and have been sailing all types/sized of boats ever since! I've been sailing for 20 years, racing sailboats for 20 years and teaching sailing for about 14 years. I love sharing my passion for sailing with others and am looking forward to seeing everyone down at the club this summer!

Kaitlin Knocke - Office

Hello! My name is Kaitlin and I will be a freshman at UW Madison in the fall. I've sailed on the high school team for two years and this is my second year working in the office! My favorite boats to sail are Lasers and 420s. Outside of sailing, I like to play flute, run, and hang out with my friends. Come visit me in the office this summer! 

Robert Bachmann

I’m Robert and I’m from Sheboygan! I first started sailing at camp and later began taking classes at the Youth Sailing Center where I became a member of the Race Team where I mostly raced 420s, along with Lasers, Lightnings and Sonars. Now I have my US Sailing Basic Keelboat Instructor Certification and love teaching adult classes on the J24s and Sonars. 

Moses Abel

Hi, my name is Moses and I have been taking classes at the SYSC for about 9 years and I have grown to like it more and more every year. My favorite boat to sail is definitely the J-24. I am excited to be able to teach the subject that I have grown to love. In the 2019-2020 school year, I will be a senior at Sheboygan County Christian. I enjoy paddle boarding, surfing, golf, music, and art when I am not sailing. I have sailed everything from a pram to an aircraft carrier, but my best memories are at SYSC.  

Sam Delasanta

Hi! I’m Sam and I started sailing with an SASD class where I learned to sail 420s. I just finished 12th grade at North High and am excited to instruct this summer to spread the sport of sailing before I go to school at the University of Washington in the fall. I sail for North’s race team in the fall, play hockey in the winter, tennis in the spring and I try to spend most of my summers on the water sailing. I went from knowing nothing about sailing to listing it as my favorite sport in five years and I want to help other people do that too!   

Ashley English

Hi! I'm Ashley English and I'm a senior at Sheboygan North. This will be my second year instructing at SYSC. Outside of sailing I'm involved in robotics and soccer. I enjoy racing Lightnings and 420s (especially flying spinnakers) and am super excited for another great year of sailing!

Charlotte Newkirk

Hi, I am Charlotte and I'm from Plymouth, Wisconsin. I started taking sailing lessons at SYSC when I was 13 because my family owned a sailboat and I wanted to learn more about sailing. I began working as a sailing instructor at SYSC in 2009, and during the off-season I am a student at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. I hope this season is packed full of exciting experiences and plenty of safety, fun and learning!

Jack Williams

Hi! My name is Jack and this is my first summer instructing at SYSC. I have sailed on the high school team for two years and will be starting my second year on summer race team. Outside of sailing I like to do triathlons and play piano. I am going to UW Madison in the fall.

Ella Reinemann

Hi! I'm Ella and I will be a senior at North High this coming fall. This will be my first Summer working at the Sheboygan Youth Sailing Center and I am super excited! I have been windsurfing for about 8 years and am totally in love with the sport. I also enjoy racing 420s and other small sailboats, and I can't wait to spread the sport!

Zach Coulis

Hello! I am Zacharias, but everyone just calls me Zach. I am a currently a Sophomore at Kohler Public School and participate in a wide variety of activities. Outside of sailing some of my favorite things to do are play Soccer, tutoring, teacher assist, and have fun with my friends. I love to teach and think that sailing is one of the coolest things someone can do! Personally, I have been sailing for 9 years and picked it up by taking classes at the Sheboygan Youth Sailing Center. For years, I watched my sister instruct at the SYSC, and was so jealous! My favorite part of lessons is still sailing my favorite boat, the 420. I’m super excited to start my first year of teaching and can’t wait to meet the new students!

Noah Bartelt

Hi! I'm Noah Bartelt, and I'm a senior at Sheboygan North. I've been sailing my whole life, and this will be my second year instructing at SYSC. Outside of sailing I'm involved in robotics, band, jazz, baseball, cross country, and much more. I have my own rock band, Urban Royalty, and we play gigs locally. I'm excited for another great year of sailing!

Patrick Fisher

Hi, I'm Patrick and I am a sophomore at North High School. I have been sailing for 8 years, starting at SYSC when I was 8. This is going to be my first year working as an instructor and this summer, I am excited to make some cool new memories. Besides sailing I am also involved in Boy Scouts, I swim, and I am training to get my pilot's license.